She script's success with her Mind's eye

Aishwarya, is one of Jyothirgamaya’s most outstanding beneficiaries, who despite being blind from childhood, has not let her blindness stand in the way of her progress. She is extremely well versed in three languages, and also in computers. She has excelled in all that she has done so far, and has passed her 12th examination, with flying colors, by getting A Plus in all subjects.She is always up to date with the latest technological advancements, and is a living example.Mobility which once was the only hurdle in her life, has also been successfully overcome.She gained good mobility skills, after attending the Jyothirgamaya “Road To Independence” Training amps held at Trivandrum in march 2014, and also in Kochin in July 2014. Her ultimate aim in life is to become an economist in Indian economic service.May her wishes be fulfilled, Jyothirgamaya wishes her all the success and will render all possible support.

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