Echo location

Do you know any blind people who clap there hands, stamp their feet, talk in themselves, or make a little sound with their mouth while walking around?If so…do you know why they make these sound?

These people use a specific aspect of hearing that we call echolocation.Echo location is a unique aspect in mobility, which is practiced without a cane. Jyothirgamaya is the first institution to initiate the use of echo location in the state of Kerala. This technique is quite popular in many foreign countries’, and has been proved quite successful among many blind people around the world.

Blind people can use echo for there orientation... It is this echo information that gives a blind person possibilities to know more about the environment than just by touching. The use of echo makes it possible to get information about greater distance.

Every room or surrounding has its own echo character. A little room has another echo than a big room. inside sounds different than outside, walking in a small path between buildings also and so on ……… This echolocation is indeed an innovative technique of mobility, which Jyothirgamaya aims to implement among blind people in Kerala.