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Jyothirgamaya  gladly announces the  commencement of residential computer training program

This is an initiative on the part of Jyothirgamaya  to train the visually impaired and equip them with all  necessary  life skills and employability skills  so as to enable them to gain suitable employment  and live fruitful and holistic lives as their sighted counterparts.Our aim is the  make them confident and self reliant and to sharpen their  personalities!.Highlights of the course We offer a fully  fledged  basic computer training which includes basic computer concepts   Ms office package,  internet operations,Websight navigation, search engines,  emailing using gmail, dealing with email clients,  and also  social media. We also include basic sound editing training using gold wave/. we still have room for improvisation according to the   growing needs of our blind community. During the  course, we also provide our students with  basic communicative English training, life skilland employability  training,personality development, and  indoor and outdoor orientation and  mobility.We provide free food and accommodation to our students. The maximum number  we  can presently take is six.  If you are blind, and are sitting within the four walls of your home not knowing what to do ,

Then come!

We are here for you!

We are  here to assist you, mold you, and make you  the person you wish to be!