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World Sight Day celebration with Sahayagiri health care center

Tiffany Brar participated in the blind walk held in honor of World
sight day, organized by the Thodupuzha sahayagiri health care center.
The event was flagged off by the head of the Thodupuzha municipality, and the MP Jose Joy. The Louis Braille Memorial blind school also participated, and its principal threw light upon the importance of eye donation, and the challenges faced by the blind.Tiffany delivered the keynote address, in which she spoke not only about the challenges faced by blind people on a daily basis, but also on the acceptance of blindness, the rights of persons with disabilities, their needs, and other challenges they face with respect to the inaccessibility of roads, shops, latest currency notes and so on.

Jyothirgamaya expresses its heartfelt thanks to Sahaigiri and all who coordinated the programme, and made it a grand success!