Jyothirgamaya | Empowering the blind
Daily Living Skills

 Daily living skills are those activities which are performed by an individual from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to sleep. In other words, they are activities performed by an individual to maintain himself and to be at par with others.  Generally, all human beings learn these skills naturally during childhood through the process of imitation. But in the case of the visually impaired these skills cannot be learned through imitation, but instead, have to be taught to them one by one.  Each daily living skill has some sub-skills also which have to be taught in detail to the blind. Keeping this in mind we provide daily living skill training to those who need it. This training is provided to small children and some adults who have not been taught before. The training is provided during camps and also at the participant's residence. The parents are also taught how to teach their blind offspring’s.

The general skills taught are brushing, personal grooming, dressing, identifying clothes, money management, cooking  etc