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Jyothirgamaya Foundation,
Tc 4/2628, Maathravila,
Rashmi Nagar,

Kuravankonam-Vayalikada road
Kowadiar PO, Trivandrum, Kerala 695003

+91 90 370 46 548

Category: Empowerment

Soft Skill Training For State Bank Of India

Jyothirgamaya conducted training for all disabled employees of SBI (State Bank of India)across the state and was held at the head office Trivandrum. In the session what was heart touching was that Tiffany Brar shed light upon the challenges faced by persons with disabilities, and also touched upon what they can do to better their own lives, and also the lives of others with disabilities, she spoke about improving behaviour with customers, accessible banking facilities, friendliness, highlighting our challenges before government authorities, and much more.Jyothirgamaya expresses its gratitude to the SBI head office authorities for inviting