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Jyothirgamaya, a pioneering effort in Kerala, which endeavors to empower the blind in all spheres of life. Jyothirgamaya seeks to not only lead the blind to live enlighten and holistic lives, but also attempts to give the sighted population a new perspective on how to look at the blind.

Our concept:

Jyothirgamaya lives by the concept of empowering the blind in all spheres of life. There are many obstacles in the way of the blind, which stand as a hindrance to their success. We at Jyothirgamaya endeavour to enable them to overcome these obstacles.Our aim is to bring them out of their comfort zones, and open the doors to a new world!

Our vision:

To see a barrier-free environment where the blind are empowered to use their potential, contribute and be at the forefront of society. A home where they are bread winners instead of burdens to their families. A society where they are recognised and respected and where they can express their opinion openly

Our mission:

To empower the blind in all possible spheres of life, through need based individualized training in all necessary skills  paving the way for sharpening their  personalities, and enabling them to get suitable  employment. And also to sensitize the general public  on how to look at the blind, and provide them with a conducive platform to live as every other citizen does.


According to the  Kerala Federation for the Blind 2001 sample survey there, are  four hundred thousand blind people living in the state of Kerala. Many of which go to schools, and  many also have governmental jobs. Despite this fact they are not at all able to perform their  activities of daily living, and they also lack immensely in orientation and mobility skills. They are confined within the four walls of their houses, and are not allowed to come out unaided. As they are living in the rural areas and most of the blind organizations are  in the  urban areas, they do not  have access to proper training facilities. The reason behind this is that their guardians are  not able to bring them to the school or training center. In order to solve this problem Jyothirgamaya adopts a unique approach of taking the school to their doorstep. We reach out to our blind beneficiaries through  advertising our services in  newspapers,  featuring our programmes in  popular television channels and radio channels. In order to widen our outreach programme we are also conducting short term workshops  and  training camps in different parts of the state. 

What we do

The art of Yoga is yet another vital aspect of human growth and development. It has been scientifically proved
It is known to all that English is the window to the outside world. It is a universal language
Jyothirgamaya adopts a unique approach of reaching out to the blind at their place of residence
It has been observed that many blind people in Kerala are unable to move around unaided
In today’s day and age, computers are the solution to every problem, and the answer to every question!
Orientation and mobility is a vital aspect in the life of every individual with visual impairment.
Do you know any blind people who clap there hands, stamp their feet, talk in themselves
Adapted physical education is a diverse programme of developmental activities, exercises

Get involved

We provide a wide range of training programs to empower the blind and to make them feel productive 

Would you like to have a unique experience?Would you like to see the world from a different perspective?

This is  a platform  which welcomes you to  share your ideas  for change 

Making a difference in the lives of the blind, is a huge task, we are doing our best to achieve this goal


Jyothirgamaya  gladly announces the  commencement of residential computer training program

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Success Stories

  • Vinodh

    I am vinod and I am blind Since childhood I first went to a normal school Then I was told to go to a blind school, however due to certain circumstances I couldn’t continue there, and so I sat at home not knowing what to do.I sat at home for twenty eight years. I then heard Tiffany’s interview on the radio, and heard that she goes every where alone and she does all things alone.She urged me to come for training and I went. Jyothirgamaya taught me how to use a white cane, and walk my self without depending upon others. However, we have to depend upon others to a certain extent while walking on the road. but she taught me the ways to be independent to some degree.Now I have a job in Kerala federation for the blind, I am a daisy editor.Tiffany and Jyothirgamaya is the reason for this or else I would have still been at home as I was earlier.

  • Hannah

    Hannah age 10 is a young energetic blind girl from Kochin, with dedicated parents.She has  attended the first and second Jyothirgamaya  “Road To Independence” training camps  and has also gained personalized training.She has learnt  computers within   just a week of training, and is good in Braille also.She speaks fluent English and her  dream is to become a scientist, she  is an asset to Jyothirgamaya.







  • Athul Krishna


    Athul Krishna age 8, is now in the third standard.He studied in the Special school in Thrissur, and has now been enrolled in to sighted school.When his parents approached us to get him ready for main stream education, they were deeply concerned, because he was unable to read Braille properly, and has confusion distinguishing between similar Braille letters.After one weeks training at Jyothirgamaya, he could not only distinguish between all the Braille letters, but he could also read English Braille well, and could also type on a Braille type writer.He has even learnt some Braille abbreviations which are generally taught in the special school only after ten years of age.


  • Naila

     Naila age 22 is a successful trainee of Jyothirgamaya.She enquired after our services in October 2013, and has learnt every skill which is necessary for her integration in to main stream society.she learnt Braille within a short period of two months, she has also learnt mobility and can now travel short distances alone by bus.She is also quite good in basic computer use.Even though she has gone through personal hardships, she possesses a zest to learn and has proved to be one of Jyothirgamaya’s proud successes.