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To feed the hunger for knowledge in the visually impaired, Jyothirgamaya has set out to develop an audio library. The sighted world has access to any amount of books in whichever format they wish, however for the visually impaired access to books, especially in India, is quite limited. Considering the high cost of printing Braille books, lack of enough Braille printing presses, and lack of skilled human labour to publish books accessible by the blind, the already limited access to books for the visually impaired is shrinking further. 

In today’s day and age, with the rapid advancement of technology, there are audiobooks that are made reading accessible for the visually impaired.Now books can be read in Daisy format, where the visually impaired can also navigate page by page, and para by para with the utmost ease. In view of the growing thirst for knowledge, and the need to increase reading habit among visually impaired, Jyothirgamaya and Empowerment Centre for the Blind (ECB) join hands in the onset of a new venture, the AmrithaVarshini Audio Library, which makes an abundance of books available to the blind.

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