Empowering the Blind in all spheres of life!

We Empower

We empower the blind in skills” they need”, also instilling in them a positive attitude, and determination to be self confident and self reliant.

We Educate

We train blind people in all forms of access technology, communication, interpersonal skills, employability, and vocational skills.

We Reach out

We reach out to the blind people tucked away in the rural areas, and bring them out of their confinements, so as to empower them.

We Advocate

We advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities, for accessibility and inclusion, where ever possible at the state, local, and national levels.


150 00000+ blind in
India Need School


Empowering Today is Empowering Tomorrow

Jyothirgamaya, a pioneering effort in India, which endeavors to empower the blind in all spheres of life. Jyothirgamaya seeks to not only lead the blind to live enlighten and holistic lives but also attempts to give the sighted population a new perspective on how to look at the blind.




Our Mission

To drive and support the growth of the blind in all possible spheres of life, through need-based individualized training in all necessary skills, we aim to pave the way for them to embark on their journey of self-growth. Our focus is on sharpening their personalities and enabling them to get suitable employment as well as to sensitize the general public to ensure an equal opportunity for the blind to live as every other citizen does.

Our Vision

To see a barrier-free environment where the blind are empowered to use their potential, contribute and be at the forefront of society. A home where they are bread winners contributing to their families. A society that is conducive to their overall growth and provides a platform of free expression for them.

Our Goal

To integrate and assimilate them into mainstream society. There are many obstacles that stand as a hindrance to their success. We at Jyothirgamaya endeavor to empower them to overcome these obstacles. Our aim is to bring a new spark into the lives of Blind and to take them out of their comfort zones and open the doors to a new world!

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Watch Video


Give Education for Visually Impaired

Current Scenario

How can we help?

Key Results

India is the home to almost fifteen million blind people, only a minority of them have access to a good education, this is due to poverty, ignorance and distance. They lack immensely in orientation and mobility skills and are not able to perform the activities of daily living. They are not able to explore out of their homes unaided and hence end by being confined to the four walls of the house. In most cases the guardians are not aware of the proper training institutes. Living in rural areas is another hiccup in the access to special training centers.

We at Jyothirgamaya empower the blind enable them to raise their voices, take their lives into their own hands, and train them in all skills they need to be at par with their sighted counterparts. We sharpen their personalities enabling them to fight against all odds and be at the throne of their lives

Since 2012, Jyothirgamaya through grassroots level training and residential empowerment program has transformed many lives. We have trained 200 people at home and through camps, and 1100 people through our residential empowerment program people who could not step out of their home are now traveling with the utmost confidence with a white came the uneducated blind have bloomed as successful bread winners with the help of access technology


Why We Need You

Volunteer with us

Come and join us We are sure you will be able to make a huge difference to the lives of the numerous blind people across the world, who have very limited opportunities to express themselves, and who are tucked away within their small social circle, not able to go beyond it, and who will be delighted to have your support and to be inspired by you.

Collaborate with us

If you like to collaborate with our activities please get in touch with us. We are glad to hear from you

Donate US

Jyothirgamaya is in constant need of your help and to help us make sure we have what we need to support our talented students. All Indian donors are eligible for 80G Tax exemption under Income Tax Rules.

Shop for a cause

The products in Jyothirgamaya shop is produced by disabled students. Buying the products will help to support disabled workers


Listen to stories of change

We continually experiment. We fail quickly and productively. We use data and feedback to guide our course.

Meeting Dr.kalam

A.P.J.Abdul Kalam former president of India appreciated Tiffany Brar for her efforts to empower her fellow visually Impaired people around the world.

un consultative status

Jyothirgamaya was granted Special Consultative Status by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Jyothirgamaya can represent the Disability sector in the United Nations General Assembly and Human Rights Council

national award

Tiffany Brar had Received National Award for Best Role Model among people with disabilities. The President Calls her “The courageous daughter of India
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