Road to Independence Camp

To reach the blind in large numbers, and make the training accessible to them in their hometowns, Jyothirgamaya organizes “Road to Independence” training camps. The objective behind conducting such training camps is to bring the blind out of their comfort zones, to provide them with a new atmosphere of learning. To empower them to explore their potential, learn new things, and develop their personalities. We organize these short-term camps at different parts of the state, with the help of local organizations and individuals who are driven towards the cause. We mobilize our beneficiaries through word of mouth, contacting local organizations, radio, newspapers, and television. The camps entail intensive training in:
1. Mobility,
3. Basic computer use,
4. Daily living skills if needed, and
5. Personality development.
We invite motivational speakers and life skill trainers to conduct training sessions. We provide free food and accommodation during the camps. So far Jyothirgamaya has conducted two training camps, one in Trivandrum, Kochi, and Thrissur. They were indeed very successful, and have helped many participants develop a new person

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