Sensitivity and awareness are the need of the hour. A majority of the sighted population does not know how to behave with persons with visual impairment. It is highly essential to spread awareness among the general public about the potential of the blind and to change their perspective of looking at them. The society is of the opinion that blind people are only capable of certain things such as singing, begging, and selling lottery tickets. This attitude must change, and we at Jyothirgamaya are set out to sensitize the society and will embark on creating a broader mindset change.

Jyothirgamaya conducts sensitization training for school and college students and also for companies in order to create attitudinal change among the general public towards persons with disabilities.Sensitisation activities includes role-plays depicting situations of persons with disabilities, etc.The disability awareness training also includes workplace solutions like awareness building and access Technology such as screen readers scanning, OCR software, new latest access technology which helps persons with disabilities for employment and enables employers to assist Employees with disabilities. iInformation about the rights of persons with disabilities and how to handle them, how to address them and in general to put across to the general public that persons with disabilities only need some minor adaptations.

Jyothirgamaya participates in events like Kitchen Trivandrum (talks organized by the Federal Bank),Walk for Inclusion, Women’s day events( Tiffany Brar was a speaker at the Infosys Women’s day celebration), Innovation camp for youth with disabilities organized by the state government and much more. Tiffany Brar, was invited as the keynote speaker for“The Regional Conference of the Kerala Chapter” for the project management institute. She shed light upon
the importance of inclusion in project management and also about including persons with disabilities in the leadership roles and roles of project managers.
These events provide a platform for Jyothirgamaya to spread awareness about the potential and rights of the visually impaired people.

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