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The official newsletter of Jyothirgamaya Foundation

 Foundation        		                             2022- NEW UPDATES
The official newsletter of Jyothirgamaya Foundation 

     2022- NEW UPDATES
Since our last newsletter, we have been on a more interesting and innovative journey with a wide range of unique activities, including migration to our new premises! 
With all your care, support and blessings, Jyothirgamaya continues to climb higher and higher up the ladder of successs!
Our first batch of online classes was from Delhi and Bihar:
They were taught basic and advanced computing with the help of zoom as well as Google meet platforms, and the screen reader friendly team viewer software remote NVDA.In another batch was running parallel to this, with three students from Kerala, who were also, taught the same skills.
Second Online Training Batch:
In the month of July, we started our second online training batch, with around ten students from Maharashtra boys blind school, Koregaon park Pune Here the students were taught about screen readers, various advanced and basic methods of access technology use, as well as communicative English
Food kit Distribution
In September, as part of Our Covid relief work, we distributed food kits to around 20 blind people, and their families around Trivandrum.
We also distributed food kits, to our cleaning staff as well as some other physically challenged and old people in nearby villages about whom we had heard from our staff, as well as word of mouth.
20th Residential Batch
In October, we started our residential empowerment training course with eight students from Kerala. We took a policy decision to conduct our empowerment residential training courses for six months each. The students were taught computers, smart phone use, and sound editing installation of software, interpersonal skills, English, Yoga and also music.
Three trips were made for orientation mobility to nearby areas, and site seeing places such s the nearby Shangumugham beach and a river near to our
administrator’s house. We continue to have also some online sessions every week from our German volunteers on English communication.
New Year 2022:
The New Year greeted us with the same batch of students from the year 2021, and the students were taught computers, smart phone use, and sound editing installation of software, interpersonal skills, English, Yoga and also music.
Nari Shakthi Puraskar:
The month of March, our Founder received the Nari Shakthi Puraskar from the Honorable president of our country, which is a great honor for our organization.
Kanyakumari Trip:
In April, we conducted a tour for our students. This tour was to Kanyakumari. We took our students on intense mobility training to the various famous spots there, in order to give them a feel of the outside world. They visited the Padmanabha puram palace, and also the Vivekananda rock. They had an experience at the beach, and also were able t visit the nearby shops, and by some small things for their loved ones.
On our organization inaugural day, we had the closing of the course. The examinations were conducted, and we distributed certificates to the students, with a farewell lunch.
21st Residential Batch:
In May, we started our new batch with eight students all from different parts of Kerala. They were taught all basic computer skills, orientation mobility, yoga and keyboard classes were also started.
Highlights of Our Activities
BSS Affiliation:
The organization also entered in to a new partnership with BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ (BSS) in order to get our certificates recognized by a government affiliated organization, in order to heighten the job possibility for our students.
Dine In The Dark:
In collaboration with Young Indians, a prominent organization operating all over the country, for the welfare of young entrepreneurs, and also for social change.
Sijo Louis the accessibility chair, of the young Indians Trivandrum chapter, initiated this collaboration with our organization. The program was conducted on global accessibility awareness day, which normally falls on the third Thursday of each May.
Our students with utmost care were able to guide all guest in to the hall and describe to them what was on the table as food. The guests were CEO’s of prominent companies of the Techno Park. Our students had an opportunity to interact with them, share their experiences, and on the hole give them a glimpse highlights.
Legislative Assembly Climate Change Program (Nambu):
On account of World Environmental Day, the UNICEF India, along with the youth from all districts of Kerala conducted a program on climate change, under the banner ‘Nam’, meaning “sprout”. Our students were also able to play a vital role in this program. They actively participated in the technical sessions, which were moderated by eminent ministers, the speaker, as well as the UNICEF, social policy head of India.
One of our students Ms. Anusha Shaji, was the leader of her group and was given the opportunity to present her ideas on behalf of the group on stage in front of a large audience. This indeed is a huge milestone in Jyothirgamaya, as well as in the life of the student.
International Yoga Day:
In the month of June, Our Jyothirgamaya students celebrated “International Yoga Day”. This was under the leadership of our Yoga teacher Sunitha from Trivandrum Yoga Association. Our students performed Yoga in various poses and this occasion was celebrated.
Sanadhalayam Visit:
Our administrator and students visited Sanadhalayam, an organization working
for the welfare of cancer patients started by the famous Radio Jockeys MJ sumi and Firoz.
Leisure Trips:
Our students were taken on two enjoyable leisure trips, by one of donors Mr. Ravinanda from Delhi. We visited Kanyakumari the southernmost tip of India. Our students had an opportunity to take pictures and enjoy the scenery.
The next day we also visited the famous Jatayu Para, a famous rock climbing place. The students had an experience and feel of the cable car.
Women With Wings:
On August 13th our organization conducted a one day women workshop for 25 blind women. The women were taken through a wide range of experiences. Sessions were taken in sexual and reproductive health and menstrual hygiene,
The participants, were taught the use of menstrual cup and were also taught about the laws of sexual exploitation. Sessions were taken on self defense, as well as the use of android and other banking applications, to instill financial independence in the participants.
Khoj Visit:
Our organization was visited by Khoj, an organization working to inculcate social responsibility in young adults and students. In today’s day and age, where the world has gone online as never before, students are more and more in to their electronic devices. Khoj attempts to bridge the gap between the youths and the grass route society.
Wind Up:
The batch was wound up with examination and feedback session.
New 22nd Residential Batch:
In the month of September, we resumed our new batch with six students from different parts of the state of Kerala. One student from Thrissur, two from Cochin and One from Kollam and Wayanadu! They immediately plunged in to a series of learning. The training was intense in access technology, interpersonal skills, Yoga, English and orientation mobility. A variety of programs took place during this batch.
Fashion Show:
The first ever inclusive fashion show took place in collaboration with Big FM Sanadhalayam and other organizations. We were also joined by the founder of Blind rocks!
Big Carnival:
The Special Olympics the big carnival took place, with people of all disabilities again in collaboration with Big FM and Sanadhalayam. Our students actively
participated in jumping, running, and other activities.
Visit from Kanthari:
Our organization had a multi cultural interaction with the participants and Founder of Kanthari International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs.
Thanking you all.
With Best Wishes
Tiffany and the entire Jyothirgamaya Team!
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