Our Founder, Tiffany Brar was the key note speaker for the IBM conference on INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY, breaking the barriers. She addressed the need for increasing the possibilities of employability of person with disabilities in IBM and in other corporates. She shed light on the high necessities of making websites more accessible. In other words, she emphasized on the fact that the people with disability should have the same effective experience with the web as their non disabled counterparts. For these, she gave a few enlightenment tips on how to make websites accessible. For instance adding alt attributes for images, providing error messages, inform submissions following correctly the web content accessibility guidelines and using the four guiding principles. She also spoke about the challenges faced by the person with disabilities, the three main models that is the charity model, medical and social model and how these three models should be addressed. It was altogether an insightful session and we thank IBM fro inviting our Founder and for extending a hand of collaboration with us.

Tiffany Brar with the team members of IBM.

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