Mathrubhumi International Festival

Our Founder participated in the Mathrubhumi International Festival, a literary festival organised in Kerala every year with eminent writers and literary personalities. Our Founder had an opportunity to interact with Sudha Murthy who is an Indian educator, author and philanthropist and chairperson of the Infosys Foundation.

What inspired our Founder was her love for fellow human beings, her zest and inner passion to serve the community. She spoke to our Founder about her encounter with many visually challenged people. She is also an ardent supporter of Khanthari, where our Founder marked her beginning.


State Disability Icon

Our Founder was honoured by “The Election Commission of India” as a state disability icon for spreading awareness about voter’s right and importance of inclusive elections.

Our Founder is indeed privileged to receive this honour from the Honourable Governor of Kerala, Shri Arif Mohammad Khan and the Election Commission of Kerala.

Our Founder receiving the honour from the  Honourable Governor of Kerala on the stage and other eminent guests were standing near by.

“Disability and Inclusion”

Our Founder, Tiffany Brar gave an insightful talk on “Disability and Inclusion” at the book festival conducted by Trivandrum parliament.

She told her story , the challenges she faced and stressed on the importance of “UNIVERSAL ACCESSIBILITY” of public spaces and digital information and urged all government officials to listen to the voices of the unheard and lift them up.

She enlightened them about the laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities. The honourable speaker presented memento to our founder.

Tiffany Brar receiving memento from the hands of honourable speaker.
Our Founder delivering a speech on rights of people with disability at the book festival.

Multi Cultural Interaction

Our Jyothirgamaya Foundation is indeed pleased and overjoyed to experience a multi cultural interaction with the participants of Kanthari an international institute for leadership and social entrepreneurs, in Trivandrum, Kerala .

The Founder of Kanthari and Braille without Borders Sabriye Tenberken also visited us along with her participants and co-catalyst Andrea from Germany. Sabriye Tenberken has been a mentor to Tiffany Brar since her young days. Sabriye Tenberken is too a visually challenged and has sowed the seeds of inspiration for many Blind people to live independently.

She and the participants interacted with our students asking them questions about their learning at Jyothirgamaya Foundation.

They also asked the students what their future plans and dreams are.

We all had a wonderful interaction.


Big Carnival

On the 13th of November was the “Big Carnival’’ that we were all waiting for.

Our students took part in the DISABILITY OLYMPICS which was organised by the Big FM and Big Friends.Our students actively participated in short put, running, long jump, solo song and other activities.

It was indeed a wonderful experience for them.

We anticipate a very good collaboration with Big Friends and Sanathalayam in the future.

We really thank them for including our organisation in all its programs and giving a wonderful experience to our students.


National Election Virtual Commission

Our Founder, Tiffany Brar has been the icon for the Kerala State Election Commission since the year 2018, advocating for inclusive and accessible elections.

On the National Election Virtual Commission meeting held last Friday, our Founder actively participated in the office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Kerala.

She represented Kerala in the virtual meeting and spoke about accessible voting and inclusive voting. She also gave a suggestion on providing training to people with disabilities on the voting app and its accessible interface.

The meeting was also attended by the Kerala Disability Commissioner and Director of Social Justice along with all the icons for persons with disabilities from other states and The Election Commission at national level in New Delhi.

Photo of the virtual conference of the officials representing various states and the group discussion.
Our Founder seated along with other respectable officials at the National Election Virtual Commission meeting.
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Inclusive Fashion Show

The first ever inclusive fashion show Jyothirgamaya takes part in proudly.

Olympics and other activities for people with disabilities is being organised on the 13th of November by Big Friends, Big FM and Sanathalaya. In view of this, as a promotion Big Friends organised an inclusive fashion show on the 5th of November, Saturday which included people with disabilities, cancer patients and other achievers.

Our Jyothirgamaya students participated whole heartedly in this fashion show. We were also joined by Sristi KC, the Founder of Blind Rocks, an organisation working for inclusive arts and which is known worldwide.

Sristi KC is an international dance performer, a motivational speaker and a lover of inclusive arts and fashion. This fashion show was a wonderful experience for our students. Our students Manoj, Rajesh Heera, Adarsh and Christi all took part in this event. They looked magnificent in their costumes.

They were all presented with gifts by Big MJ Sumi and Kidilam Firoz from 92.7 Big FM. We thank all the Big friends team and everyone else who made this event a great success.

Our student is walking on the fashion show stage and where the audience are encouraging her with clap sound.
Group photo of our students along with our Founder Tiffany and Administrator Aruna in the fashion show.
One of our blind student is getting ready for the fashion show with final make up touch.
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White Cane Safety Day

On October 15, White Cane Safety Day is observed around the world. “White Cane Day is observed worldwide to recognize the movement of blind people from dependency to full participation in society.”

White Cane Safety Day celebrates the achievements of blind or visually impaired people. A white cane is an important mobility tool for such people as well as the symbol of their independence.

On White Cane Safety Day, being a blind, parents or relations of blind children, special educators, blind associations we can participate in gatherings and activities to create social awareness that will benefit persons who are blind or visually impaired which will lead to social inclusion.

Knowing the importance of white cane, Jyothirgamaya Foundation try to spread awareness on how the visually impaired can be in this world and work independently, recognize the achievements of blind people and to respect the contributions made by the visually impaired people to the society.


Inaugural function of the Universal Empowerment Centre Units at the Magic planet

Our Founder along with our blind students and Administrator attended the inaugural function of the Universal Empowerment Centre Units at the Magic planet.

This organisation is found and run by Mr. Gopinath Mudukad a well known international magic professional who sacrificed his commercial profession as a magician and has now dedicated his entire life for the empowerment of youngsters with various disabilities and other downtrodden people through magic and other art forms including drawing art, musical instruments.

The Magic planet is an organisation initiated by him and his vibrant team. As soon as we entered the premises we are greeted with a beautiful ambience. The buildings are very spacious and we can feel the different activities going on.

The playing of musical instruments by children with disabilities the creation of art work by various people the mother’s empowerment centre and so on. Our Founder inaugurated the magic of darkness section.

The magic of darkness section is comprised of two blind people who are great singers and instrumental players and who captivated the audience minds by their musical performances.

There were many other people with numerous disabilities and various hidden talents. The function really went of well and the Founder himself interacted with our blind students and took pictures with them.

Our students were delighted to take around each section of the organisation and actively participate in the inaugural program.



Yet another milestone to be proud of Jyothirgamaya Foundation.

Jyothirgamaya, after a long while especially after the pandemic held another grant successful event, a workshop for the empowerment of visually impaired women “WOMEN WITH WINGS”.

Women have no barriers; Women can open their wings and fly. This is the message that this empowerment program conveys. On the 13th of August our organisation held “WOMEN WITH WINGS” workshop which was inaugurated by a few eminent guests who had crossed many hurdles and who have achieved many milestones in the field of women empowerment.

Our special guests were Big MJ Sumi of 92.7 Big FM and one of the Co Founders of Sanadhalayam Can Care. Sobha Viswanath, a budding social entrepreneur and advocate for women empowerment, the revival of handlooms and Founder of Weavers Village. Mrs. Jaya Dally, Chair Person of the Kerala State Handicapped Persons’ Welfare Corporation. She is a woman with physical impairment. Dr. Beena Krishna, a college lecturer who has played an important role in the field of education, who is also a woman with visual impairment and Dr. Jalaja, a visual impaired medical practitioner.

Jyothirgamaya Foundation honoured all these women for their exemplary achievements in various fields. Jyothirgamaya Foundation honoured and appreciated all our staff members for their relentless hard work and selfless service for the visually impaired and their dedication towards the growth and upliftment of Jyothirgamaya Foundation for the past eight years. Our staff members Mrs. Aruna PS, Mrs. Vinitha, Mr. Balaraman Puliyempetta and Mrs. Deva Manohari Gangatharan along with our hostel staff members Mrs. Deepa and Mrs. Vathsala were all honoured and appreciated by our guests for all their dynamic team work and hard work in the organisation.

The inaugural function was followed by various empowerment sessions. Self Defence session conducted by Mr. Sebastian and his team from Krav Maga, reproductive health session handled by Mrs. Anjana Senan, Home Science teacher, child counsellor and she is currently working as government higher secondary school teacher in Nair Samajam Government Higher Secondary School, Mannar. Inter personal skill session was taken by Mrs. Rama Devi, one of our Jyothirgamaya‘s old well wisher from the very beginning. She is a professional in human resource development and has worked in many organisations.

Clothes and food kits were distributed to the students at the end of the workshop. The compering was done by Brinda S Nair and we thank her for all her volunteering and her whole hearted support since the inception of Jyothirgamaya.

The photos were taken by Mr. Jyothi Krishna, the Co Founder of White Balance. We sincerely thank him for his participation in our Jyothirgamaya Foundation program.

We thank our Jyothirgamaya team members and volunteers for all the endless service and support for this program. We also thank our dear students and other participants for taking out time and participating actively in our workshop.

Group photo of all the guests and Jyothirgamaya team members with memento in all their hands.
Mr. Sebastian and his team from Krav Maga training our blind women participants in self defense session.
Mrs. Rama Devi, is conducting Inter personal skill session.
Mrs. Anjana Senan, handling reproductive health session for our blind women participants and explaining about menstrual hygiene.