Orientation and Mobility training

Jyothirgamaya spreads its wings to the state of Tamil Nadu, with an orientation and mobility training for 30 Blind people in Nilgri District, Ooty a multilingual and multicultural district known for its natural charm. The 30 Blind people were trained in indoor and outdoor mobility. Jyothirgamaya also distributed 8 canes to deserving needy Blind people during the training program. This training is conducted in collaboration with GARDEN OF SMILES, a well known organisation in Nilgris, working in various charity projects.

We Jyothirgamaya team thank the entire team of GARDEN OF SMILES for their support and coordination for the training program. Also we thanks all the staff, volunteers and the Blind participants who joined their hands with us to make this event a successful one.

Tiffany, giving training in two point touch to our Blind participant.
Distribution of white cane to the participant on the stage.
Practicing steps climbing using the help of white cane by one of our participant guided by Tiffany Brar.

Yoga session towards empowerment of Blind people

We whole heartedly thank Mrs. Uma Kalyani, a well known yoga trainer and nutritionist from Uma’s Nutriyoga for her continuous support and encouragement towards the empowerment of Blind people. She conducted a yoga session for our current residential batch students. She explained the advantages of yoga practice and how to plan for better healthy life style.

We once again thank Mrs.Uma Kalyani for her valuable time and our blind students for making this training a fruitful one.

Students are practicing Half Bridge Pose by themselves.
Our Blind students are trained in Warrior Pose 1


Our students of the new batch participated in NAMB, the CLIMATE ASSEMBLEY FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH-2023 held at the Kerala Legislative Assembly in honour of World Environment Day in collaboration with UNICEF, India. There were many information sessions on how to preserve our mother Earth.

We Jyothirgamaya Foundation wholeheartedly thank Mr. John for giving such a wonderful opportunity for our students to participate in this event.

Photo of the banner of, the Climate Assembly for Children and Youth-2023 with sponsors name and logo.
Group photo of our blind students along with our Founder Tiffany outside the venue.
Photo of audience seated at the event hall.

Access Technology Summer Camp

Jyothirgamaya Foundation conducted access technology summer camp exclusively for visually impaired teachers who came here inorder to improve their technology skills and abilities. Our senior access technology trainer Mr. Balaraman, our founder Ms. Tiffany Brar and our administrator Mrs. Aruna were with the entire team and making sure these eminent teachers had a wonderful experience and intense training in Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, android usage, internet operation,text editing, use of advanced applications such as chatGPT and so on.

We thank our supporters and all well wishers for making this camp more successful. We wholeheartedly thank the scout troop from all our volunteers from Beaumont California along with Mr. Rony Joseph and Mr. Nimesh Patak for their beloved support and encouragement.

Our founder Ms. Tiffany Brar training one of the blind participant in windows.
Our senior access technology trainer Mr. Balaraman training one of the blind participant in internet usage.
Photo of all our participants seated in the training hall and practicing in internet operation and windows practical session supervised by our founder.

Nutrition and healthy diet session

We thank Mrs. Uma Kalyani from Uma’s Nutriyoga. She is a well known dietitian, yoga trainer and nutritionist. She conducted a wonderful session on nutrition and healthy diet during our summer vocational camp exclusively for teachers. In this interactive session, she interacted with the teachers from Malappuram and Palakad who asked many interesting questions regarding prevention of lifestyle diseases, what is insulin, healthy diet practice and so on .

We thank Mrs.Uma Kalyani and the participants of this session for spending their valuable time and making this session more meaningful and significant.

Group photo of the participants along with Uma Madam at the end of the session.
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A Small Initiative

“Big achievements come one small advantage at a time, one step at a time, one day at time”.

Yes, even a small initiative make a lot of change in the life of other people. Click to know more on how our empowerment training program has made changes in the life of blind people.


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“Break the barriers and stereotypes” is what we teach our blind students.

We took our current batch students to  GOGOLAND, located in the Poovar Islands, Trivandrum which is famous for adventurous sports.

Our blind students actively participated in rock climbing, trampoline and other play activities which was a very different experience for our students. It was a wonderful unique and exciting experience for the whole Jyothirgamaya team.

We thank GOGOLAND, team members and volunteers who helped us in making this trip a memorable one.

Our Founder enjoying trampoline activity with volunteers monitoring the activity.
Our blind student eagerly participating in rock climbing.
Group photo of our students and team members in GOGOLAND.

Mathrubhumi International Festival

Our Founder participated in the Mathrubhumi International Festival, a literary festival organised in Kerala every year with eminent writers and literary personalities. Our Founder had an opportunity to interact with Sudha Murthy who is an Indian educator, author and philanthropist and chairperson of the Infosys Foundation.

What inspired our Founder was her love for fellow human beings, her zest and inner passion to serve the community. She spoke to our Founder about her encounter with many visually challenged people. She is also an ardent supporter of Khanthari, where our Founder marked her beginning.


State Disability Icon

Our Founder was honoured by “The Election Commission of India” as a state disability icon for spreading awareness about voter’s right and importance of inclusive elections.

Our Founder is indeed privileged to receive this honour from the Honourable Governor of Kerala, Shri Arif Mohammad Khan and the Election Commission of Kerala.

Our Founder receiving the honour from the  Honourable Governor of Kerala on the stage and other eminent guests were standing near by.

“Disability and Inclusion”

Our Founder, Tiffany Brar gave an insightful talk on “Disability and Inclusion” at the book festival conducted by Trivandrum parliament.

She told her story , the challenges she faced and stressed on the importance of “UNIVERSAL ACCESSIBILITY” of public spaces and digital information and urged all government officials to listen to the voices of the unheard and lift them up.

She enlightened them about the laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities. The honourable speaker presented memento to our founder.

Tiffany Brar receiving memento from the hands of honourable speaker.
Our Founder delivering a speech on rights of people with disability at the book festival.