Rehabilitation Program by Cochin Ophthalmological Society at Amrita Hospital, Cochin

Our Founder was the keynote speaker for the rehabilitation program conducted by Cochin Ophthalmological Society at Amrita Hospital, Cochin. The program was attended by many visually challenged people in the rehabilitation field as well as visually challenged college students and employees.

Our Founder spoke about the various rehabilitation programs available for the visually challenged. She shed light on how it is important for the visually challenged to be independent, to use the white cane and to assistive technology in all its forms for a better and easy life. She spoke about Jyothirgamaya and the courses we offer. We hope the visually challenged participants avail our services and we whole heartedly invite them to our organisation. One of our student Ammu.T, was also present at the program and she shared her experience of learning at Jyothirgamaya with audience. We thank Amrita Hospital for inviting our Founder and organising such useful program.

Tiffany Brar interacting with the members of Cochin Ophthalmological Society and Amrita Hospital.
Tiffany Brar on stage, read for the talk.

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