Inaugural function of the Universal Empowerment Centre Units at the Magic planet

Our Founder along with our blind students and Administrator attended the inaugural function of the Universal Empowerment Centre Units at the Magic planet.

This organisation is found and run by Mr. Gopinath Mudukad a well known international magic professional who sacrificed his commercial profession as a magician and has now dedicated his entire life for the empowerment of youngsters with various disabilities and other downtrodden people through magic and other art forms including drawing art, musical instruments.

The Magic planet is an organisation initiated by him and his vibrant team. As soon as we entered the premises we are greeted with a beautiful ambience. The buildings are very spacious and we can feel the different activities going on.

The playing of musical instruments by children with disabilities the creation of art work by various people the mother’s empowerment centre and so on. Our Founder inaugurated the magic of darkness section.

The magic of darkness section is comprised of two blind people who are great singers and instrumental players and who captivated the audience minds by their musical performances.

There were many other people with numerous disabilities and various hidden talents. The function really went of well and the Founder himself interacted with our blind students and took pictures with them.

Our students were delighted to take around each section of the organisation and actively participate in the inaugural program.

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