Yet another milestone to be proud of Jyothirgamaya Foundation.

Jyothirgamaya, after a long while especially after the pandemic held another grant successful event, a workshop for the empowerment of visually impaired women “WOMEN WITH WINGS”.

Women have no barriers; Women can open their wings and fly. This is the message that this empowerment program conveys. On the 13th of August our organisation held “WOMEN WITH WINGS” workshop which was inaugurated by a few eminent guests who had crossed many hurdles and who have achieved many milestones in the field of women empowerment.

Our special guests were Big MJ Sumi of 92.7 Big FM and one of the Co Founders of Sanadhalayam Can Care. Sobha Viswanath, a budding social entrepreneur and advocate for women empowerment, the revival of handlooms and Founder of Weavers Village. Mrs. Jaya Dally, Chair Person of the Kerala State Handicapped Persons’ Welfare Corporation. She is a woman with physical impairment. Dr. Beena Krishna, a college lecturer who has played an important role in the field of education, who is also a woman with visual impairment and Dr. Jalaja, a visual impaired medical practitioner.

Jyothirgamaya Foundation honoured all these women for their exemplary achievements in various fields. Jyothirgamaya Foundation honoured and appreciated all our staff members for their relentless hard work and selfless service for the visually impaired and their dedication towards the growth and upliftment of Jyothirgamaya Foundation for the past eight years. Our staff members Mrs. Aruna PS, Mrs. Vinitha, Mr. Balaraman Puliyempetta and Mrs. Deva Manohari Gangatharan along with our hostel staff members Mrs. Deepa and Mrs. Vathsala were all honoured and appreciated by our guests for all their dynamic team work and hard work in the organisation.

The inaugural function was followed by various empowerment sessions. Self Defence session conducted by Mr. Sebastian and his team from Krav Maga, reproductive health session handled by Mrs. Anjana Senan, Home Science teacher, child counsellor and she is currently working as government higher secondary school teacher in Nair Samajam Government Higher Secondary School, Mannar. Inter personal skill session was taken by Mrs. Rama Devi, one of our Jyothirgamaya‘s old well wisher from the very beginning. She is a professional in human resource development and has worked in many organisations.

Clothes and food kits were distributed to the students at the end of the workshop. The compering was done by Brinda S Nair and we thank her for all her volunteering and her whole hearted support since the inception of Jyothirgamaya.

The photos were taken by Mr. Jyothi Krishna, the Co Founder of White Balance. We sincerely thank him for his participation in our Jyothirgamaya Foundation program.

We thank our Jyothirgamaya team members and volunteers for all the endless service and support for this program. We also thank our dear students and other participants for taking out time and participating actively in our workshop.

Group photo of all the guests and Jyothirgamaya team members with memento in all their hands.
Mr. Sebastian and his team from Krav Maga training our blind women participants in self defense session.
Mrs. Rama Devi, is conducting Inter personal skill session.
Mrs. Anjana Senan, handling reproductive health session for our blind women participants and explaining about menstrual hygiene.

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